Beltaine. Passion, Power & The Celtic Wheel

  Dolores Whelan, teacher of Celtic spiritual and wisdom traditions guides explorations of how ancient wisdom can form and shape values in which a new society can be formed. Joanna Macy, […]

Threshold Time: Dream Life to Waking Life

  In my dreams last night, a golden eagle flew overhead swooping down around me and eventually landed on my arm, its large talons wrapped securely around my forearm. In […]

Random Thoughts and Ramblings

Random Thoughts and Ramblings: I love that Gen Z is falling in love with Kate Bush. I could care less about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. My early summer perennial […]

Wholehearted Instructions for the New Year

Wholehearted Instructions for The New Year Wrap yourself in fierce tenderness. Perhaps a hand-knit shawl, a sweet song, a hug, a dog’s face sniffing and licking your tears, or the […]

Fall Equinox: Finding Balance and Blessing.

Happy Fall Equinox! Like many folks in the Northern Hemisphere, I celebrate the turning of the Celtic Wheel. These past seasons of Covid, with political polarization and now the Delta […]