rachel allen

essayist and non-fiction writer

Rachel is an aspiring writer of personal essays and creative nonfiction. She is a member of Christians Practicing Yoga blog team, and has been published in Hags On FireLong Shot Books – Home and in print in Volume 3 of Northern Appalachia Review.

Blessings Beyond Bypass

Tender Medicine for Hard Times

Purchase Rachel’s new chapbook, Blessings Beyond Bypass, published in July 2022, at Seed House Press.

other works by Rachel allen

Rachel’s other works can be found at the links below:

Wonderfully Made, My Story of Belonging:  Rachel’s journey exploring the intersection of being a follower of Jesus and a practicing Yogi.

Seeking Connection: A Three Point Meditation Practice:  A meditation on paying attention to being alive, committing to the art of staying inspired and unpacking the illusion of separation.

On Blood: The Pandemic, Mitch McConnell, Jesus and My Uterus:  A flash fiction piece written during Covid with a focus on menopause

Becoming RachelThis is a coming of age story set in the Rust Belt and meditation on names.

Experiencing Joy to the World in MoxhamA piece on community building during Covid

Finding My Way: From Northern Appalachia Review, vol. 3A Ruse Belt coming of age piece on recovery from trauma and resilience.

Coming Home to Myself:  Rust Belt journey of self discovery through decades of living in a female body.

Beyond Duality: Northern Appalachia Review, Vol. 4:  Rust Belt piece that unpacks duality in a time of polarization.