Reiki with Rachel is a unique, gentle, transformational practice

Can you relate to the awareness that life is both amazing and challenging?

Do you want or need support in manifesting your intentions, goals and dreams for your life? 

Do you want to experience a practice of calming and grounding your nervous system to build resilience and balance?

Do you want to tap into the awareness of choice and skillful action in all of life’s circumstances?

Do you believe that it is possible to navigate the storms of life with grace and finding peace in each and every situation?

If so, let’s connect!

Personally, I have experienced this peace that passes all understanding in extreme crisis throughout my adult life and am blessed to have the foundation of over 20 years meditation, sound healing, mantra, yoga and energy medicine practices and a deep and abiding faith in God that along with these practices, is ever evolving, deepening and growing.

The practice of Reiki calms and balances mind, body and spirit. Reiki synchronizes well with other healing modalities that I offer such as yoga and expressive movement, guided journaling, sound healing and mantra practice.

I work with the Chakra system, the Ayurvedic and yogic system of life, the universal archetypes that pervade the subconscious and higher consciousness and the angelic realm. All of this for me personally is grounded in the Creator, the incarnational heart of Jesus and the Divine Light and Wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Reiki session


Participants can expect the session to be one hour. This includes check in, intuitive check in by me, the actual Reiki session which is delivered on a table. Participants remain fully clothed while I work with light touch or over the energy centers (chakras) in the body, clearing and balancing.

Most people report a sense of deep relaxation which can often last for days. Some fall asleep! Brief check out involves participant sharing or asking questions and sharing of intuitive check in and pragmatic suggestions to remain in balance. 

Participants may want to bring a notebook. $65.00. Gift Certificates Available.



Do you work serving others, but find supporting yourself at the end of your list? Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired and wired?

If you are an empathetic person, add/or an activist and want to find support for living with all the aspects of what it is to be a human in these times, this program is for you. Get the self-care and healing support you need to serve and change the world.

Reiki master study

Credit card options available through PayPal.

One year program with attunements at all three levels of Reiki and can potentially  include the Living Well program w/ life goals sessions. 

Reiki 1 is healing at the physical level and at this level participants are encouraged to do self care everyday and can offer this healing practice to others. This includes pre-work packet, training manual, the attunement, education on Reiki, applications and uses, ethics, energy anatomy and practice time. Ideally done in a group so students have ample practice for self care, Short chair sessions and full body treatment. Reiki synchronizes well with various professions such as massage and health care. I have delivered a thorough program in a hospital for health care workers that was approved for CEU’s for RN’s, LPN’s, Occupational Therapists and Medical Social Workers.

Reiki 2 is healing at the emotional level, the past and going beyond the limits of space and time for healing. This includes a training manual, pre-work packet with guided writing, attunement,  2 sessions. The first session can be done in a group with the Level 2 attunement and teaching on the 3 of the symbols of Reiki and their use for distance work and in real time sessions, and practicing distance work. The second session is one on one and focuses on the development of your own personal intuition, your areas of strength and applying this to your own life.

Reiki 3 is becoming the practice. Embodying and owning and holding yourself accountable as a Master to be living the principles of Reiki in all areas of life, living in gratitude, releasing worry and anger, living honestly and showing love and respect for every living thing. This includes pre-work, learning two new symbols of Reiki, the attunement, practicing attunements, sharing and visioning how this sacred responsibility will shape and guide your life.

Doing these attunements separate from the package is also an option. Many people only opt for Reiki 1. Contact Rachel for details.