Explore healing, empowerment, and self-expression through music and the healing arts.
Create and foster healthy, joyful communities.
Connect to your whole person—mind, body, and spirit.


Services for people

Looking for a Yoga Practice that honors and embraces the roots of Yoga, integrates breath-work, pranayama, asana, meditation and Sound Healing in community?

Seeking support for life’s challenges through Reiki and Intuitive Work?

Curious about the Healing Arts and workshops/experiences that deepen interpersonal growth and build community?

You have landed in the right place and we are so happy you are here!


services for community

Interested in professional development for your staff around resilience and compassion fatigue?

Contemplating offering wellness programs to the populations you serve?

Considering how Mindfulness can support meeting challenges and making change in your organization?

Please contact us so we can tailor a program/presentation/training to meet the needs of your organization and/or the population you serve.


Music is at the heart of all Rachel’s offerings.

Experience the healing power of music in Rachel’s yoga classes, community singing and sound healing sessions.

Consider inviting Rachel to your retreat to facilitate music as a tool for empowerment and healing.

Work with Rachel!

Yoga Classes/Retreats. Public Speaking. Resilience/Mindfulness Training and more!

Living well in an unwell world

Wellness Support for Femme Leaders & Change-Makers

Do you work serving others, but find supporting yourself at the end of your list? Do you feel overwhelmed? Tired and wired?

If you are an empathetic person, add/or an activist and want to find support for living with all the aspects of what it is to be a human in these times, this program is for you. Get the self-care and healing support you need to serve and change the world.

  • Personalized Reiki & Intuitive Healing Sessions: Gain clarity on your strengths and know where to begin your healing journey.
  • Somatic Education & Empowerment Work: Learn to adjust your stress response, meet challenges, and drive positive change.
  • Personalized Yoga Practices: Embody your unique strengths and lead with confidence through tailored yoga sessions.
  • Sleep Habit & Digestive Health Support: Improve rest and enhance digestion for overall health and wellness using Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Journal Prompts, Mudras, and Mantras: Draw inspiration and foster motivation.

popular workshops

Music & healing

Engage in music and chant as medicine! Each piece is its own tender bundle of medicine. Many are composed and created by Rachel, others collected through Rachel’s years of group singing across cultures/geography and from the Yogic tradition. All draw on universal themes of love, grace, peace, reconciliation, justice and forgiveness of self and others. These themes are integrated through voice with chant, mantra and unstructured free movement. 


Experience the healing of Reiki. Discover the gentle practice with Rachel of receiving love through balancing the life force energy that radiates through our bodies. Receive through Reiki with Rachel, the integrated healing of the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Specialized Yoga Workshops

Explore and learn the teachings of Yoga. Take your yoga practice off the mat for personal growth and emotional self-regulation. Enjoy theme-based yoga classes centered in the values, ethics, and eight limbs of yoga. Learn from the ancient Yoga Sutras, the Elements, and Metta and apply them to your everyday life.

Rachel allows everyone’s voice to be heard!
Contact her today to schedule a yoga class!