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Enjoy Rachel’s blog posts on themes of connection, community, and compassion that are woven into the Yoga of living.

Image of Rachel, a white woman with gray hair playing a shruti box. A Celtic harp sits on the floor beside her.

Music is Medicine

Music is Medicine It is both so simple and yet so profound to use music as a support for the life/death transition. I play the

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Mural on the side of a square building with shades of blue in the background and black block letters that read Love Out Loud

Living In Love.

Living in Love Living in love Fear is so easily available to us. It is a primal response for survival. It can be helpful and

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What is Your Medicine?

What is Your Medicine? What words are holding you right now? What songs are you walking with on the journey? How do you build capacity

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A path in the woods. The trees on one side of the path create an arch over the path. Buds are emerging on the trees.

Coming Back to Life

Coming Back to Life Authenticity is vulnerable. There is also great strength in showing up with our raw tender spaces that can only transform with

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