Living In Love.

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Living in Love

Living in love

Fear is so easily available to us.

It is a primal response for survival. It can be helpful and inform and guide how we move in our environment.  It can also suck the very life out of us. So, our practice is one of seeking.

Being in inquiry about what gives your life meaning.

  • What opens your heart?
  • What breaks your heart so deeply that you show up wanting to address the suffering of yourself and that of others?
  • How can we move from living in our wounds to embodying fierce compassion?
  • How can we explore love beyond a personal emotion to the essence of who we are?

This is truly what we tap into when we seek the way of Jesus, the Buddha and other teachings from the World’s Wisdom Traditions.

These are questions to live into and visit and revisit. Explore your own insights and invite these inquiries into conscious conversation with beloved ones or anyone interested in courageous, conscious conversation. Resist the urge to “other” and entrench yourself in your certainty. Remain curious and aware of your own tendencies towards reactivity. View your own reactivity with compassion and be willing to tend and befriend the tendencies of your nervous system responses.

When we can be courageous enough to sit with our own discomfort until spaciousness emerges, we can find love as the foundation to dismantle oppression because we love and value the lives of all beings enough to walk this walk of lovingly dismantling power.


“We need to learn how to practice love such that care—for ourselves and others—is understood as political resistance and cultivating resilience.”
Adrienne Maree Brown, Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good


Here, we can realize our own ability to love fully and deeply,

Yes. You. Me.

With our flaws, our brokenness, our to do lists, our messy, imperfect lives, we recognize our own infinite capacity for love. It doesn’t mean it is easy. This needs tended to. This is the space where the potential for conflict to be generative lives. This is the space where we can continue the hard work of repairing harm.

Living in Love is an ongoing practice.

Widening our circumference of belonging is what we do exploring together through embodied practices of yoga, breath, movement, mantra, prayer, lament, poetry, celebrating, mourning, breaking bread, sharing meals, deep listening,  storytelling and creating community through music and art.

Let’s Do This.


“If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear.”
Joanna R. Macy


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