Body Sovereignty

****TRIGGER WARNING. Mention of rape and suicidal ideation.****** Exhaustion. Grief. Anger. I don’t allow these to isolate or separate me from my own humanity or my body, or other Beings […]

Nominations for NOBEL MENOPAUSE!

  Raise your hand if you went through menopause during the dumpster fire of the current times and recent past. Keep your hand raised if you want a parade ceremony […]

The Wisdom of the Body.

I am an insatiable learner. I don’t do memes or news bites. I have to read articles, do research and listen to really good investigative journalism like Joshua Johnson on […]

Every Day is New. The Yoga of Life.

    As a species, we love certainty. We want things to make sense, for life to be orderly, to follow our well laid out plans. Many of us take […]

Women! Be Wise!

    There are times when your world shifts and you realize how conditioned you are to thinking and feeling a certain way about things that happen in life. I […]