My Autumn List for Wellbeing!

I enjoy lists.

Not merely for tasks, but also to remind myself to prioritize relationships and wellness.

Discovering Bullet Journaling in 2018 led me into a whole different realm of managing my self directed life with a mindfulness based approach that incorporates goal setting with self reflection and journaling.


I strive to create lists in the same manner as I curate playlists on Spotify (follow me. I have literally hundreds of playlists!), marrying whimsy and practicality, centering relationships, and exploring my edges, deepening and widening my experience of living this life.

Speaking life into my life.

Autumn is upon us. The days are a bit warmer than is typical, though the days continue to shorten. The changing colors of the leaves from the deep green of summer to browns, oranges, deep reds and some dark purples, (and lastly at the end of the fall, bright yellow), emerge in small patches on the slopes and curves of the Northern Appalachian hillsides.

Also, this autumn, we are 20 months into this pandemic.

COVID numbers still rise.

Collective exhaustion reigns.

Cognitive dissonance and delusion pocket the landscape of changing foliage in flags and yard signs stubbornly adhering to a lie.

I maintain a shred of curiosity here and actively work not to fall down the spiral of despair or rage.

This list is part of my practice of engaging with Active Hope.



Winter here can be rough even without a pandemic, political polarization and pettiness.


My list for Autumn (Not in any particular order):

  • Spend at least thirty minutes doing something uplifting in the morning before checking social media and/or news.
  • Spending time with Family/Family/Family!
  • Drum circles/dance parties/scream sing songs/playing dinosaur/monster/hide and seek as much as possible with my grandsons.
  • Committing to time outside in nature at least five times a week for thirty minutes, longer if the schedule allows.
  • Hike with husband.
  • Hike with friends.
  • Vote in November.
  • Plan my reading list for Winter. (My winter choices tend towards Celtic Spirituality/Mythology, anything by the Turkish author Orhan Pamuk, Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Anne Lamott, Memoirs and Appalachian writers-with the exception of The Hillbilly Elegy guy who I consider an arrogant asshat.)
  • Maintain my daily personal Yoga and Meditation practice.
  • Knit cute Christmas hats for my adorable grandsons.
  • Acquire (for free or a really good bargain) a new (can be second-hand) set of cross country skis.
  • Create daily Rituals of Joy from an assortment of lovely teas in the giant mug that wraps around my hands perfectly on a cold day, crafted by Dan Eash, long time friend and potter.
  • Love on People! On outdoor hikes! In Zoom Rooms! Family/friends/Hospice patients/yoga students, community partnerships and my beloved community in Johnstown, Pa.
  • Get my Fucking Pfizer Booster shot!
  • Write every damn day, even if it is only a sentence or revision.
  • Wear really lovely, comfortable socks.
  • Plant tulip bulbs.
  • Smash the Patriarchy
  • Make Music/Compose with Voice/Guitar/Harp/Shruti/Tone Drum/Anything that produces sound
  • Porch sit on warm days and swing while gazing on the giant white oak tree across the street.
  • Gather leaves and acorns from the oak tree and put them in little corners throughout my  house to bring the qualities of truth, courage and wisdom and the presence of mighty strength and endurance into my living space.
  • Repeat as necessary.


This type of list is not for check off the box tasks. To me, this type of list reminds me to focus my attention, energy and time on what nourishes/grounds and settles my nervous system and feeds my soul.



So, think about making your list and sharing your list!

Actively seek Individual and Collective Wellness/Healing Dearest Ones!

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