Blessing For Those Tender of Heart

Blessings For Those Tender of Heart.


You of tender hearts who by now ought to have grown weary of  loud voices and the pandering of cynics and self-appointed leaders.

Perhaps you retreat often to regroup/renew/restore and reemerge, and also perhaps your tender heart  is often mistaken for weakness.

What strength is required for deep listening and prayers/spells/wishes/intentions to manifest from deep within your bones?

This is Fierce as Fuck.

The enormity of what it means to hold space and be space for each other outside the loud voices with dress codes/walls/gated communities/binary belonging spoken in codes that we no longer care to decipher.

This enormity is the vastness and fierceness of the heart.

The alchemy of the Heart Fire burns with Compassion and melts the dross of othering.


What is the nature of that suffering?

Balms and potions are offered.

They can only be offered, not forced.

If received through and by Grace-Molded and reshaped and restored.

We begin and end with the fierce, curious Tender Heart.


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