The Power of Ritual

On a perfect late summer evening, spread out on the grass on all sides of the pavilion, people stood in clusters carefully opening the envelopes that held painted lady butterflies. […]

Threshold Musings

. January 26th. Night descends around 5:30 pm. I sit at my desk wrapped in wool from head to toe. I wrap my hands around my large tea mug to […]


  A friend posted this a few days back and it captured perfectly my sense of myself and the current state of affairs in January 2022 two years fully into […]

The Medicine of Tenderness

  WHEN THE HOLY THAWS A woman’s body, like the earth, has seasons; when the mountain stream flows, when the holy thaws,when I am most fragile and in need, it […]

Dreams. Rebirth. Renew. Restore

Picture above is my dog Little Man who is always dreaming! I don’t often remember my dreams. My husband does a lot of dream work and has done this for […]

Fragility and Resilience. Grace and Grit

Human beings are a fascinating combination of fragility and resilience. I have the privilege as well as the ongoing heartbreak of witnessing this in many arenas. I see the fragmentation […]

Choosing Love. Choosing Connection.

   I have felt lately like I am being swallowed whole by the overwhelming fear, mistrust, divisiveness and polarization that is our current state of affairs. This state is unlikely […]