Blessing #1

May collective grief open our eyes, our minds and our hearts. May we find each other in this place of lament and gain comfort and connection. May our wounds be […]

The World is Too Much With Us

This world right now. This overwhelming, polarized, challenging world. Three Covid-19 deaths in Cambria County this week with an average of 5 new cases daily. My daughter began her sophomore […]

Liminal Space. Holy Week. COVID19

  Franciscan priest Richard Rohr calls the Liminal Space as the “in between space.” This space that exists between an event that is life altering in ways that is not […]

My Imperfect Offering

Community, what a week. Today has been one week plus of social distancing. I decided last Friday to cancel all in person classes immediately to be in line with the […]

Collective Care and COVID-19

  The global pandemic that is COVID-19 has upended the world. Everyone is impacted. Without exception. The flip side of the seriousness of this illness is growing awareness of how […]

My Love Letter to Life

I live with this ever present ache of love for life. Sometimes this ache finds its expression in sharing practices of affirming worth and value that we might call yoga […]

Whole Hearted Living in Chaotic Times #0006

Following the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, we invite you to continue our practice of widening the circumference of love. We live in challenging times and hope that today’s mediation and […]

Love Songs for Survivors- #0003

In light of the sexual assault cases receiving attention across the country, and more recently the verdict of Dr. Nassar assaulting hundreds of young American athletes, we are addressing this […]

Introduction- Three Point Practice- #0001

This is the Pilot episode of 814 Grounded Podcast. We hope to offer practices for activists and those who facilitate practices of healing and restoration some tools for these trying […]