Taking it to the the next level! Bring it on!

It is approaching one year ago that my position in Integrative Medicine and Director of Planetree Services was eliminated at Windber Medical Center. It was a job that I loved. […]

Every Day is New. The Yoga of Life.

    As a species, we love certainty. We want things to make sense, for life to be orderly, to follow our well laid out plans. Many of us take […]

Compassion and Skillful Action

My practice of yoga extends far beyond my mat. That is where the journey begins but certainly, at least for me does not end. There is a sense espiecally as […]

Healing Trauma Through Yoga

Heading out this morning to Yoga Service International with 2 of my favorite people. Erika and Barbara, a therapist and a counselor who work daily with victims of rape, and […]

February. The Shadow. Grace. A tale of release!

These frigid temperatures and the immense amount of effort involved in shoveling, making sure pipes don’t freeze, animals and children are safe and cars are maintained is nothing short of […]

Compassion and Suffering

So, 2015 has only been here for a 37 days and I already feel like I have aged a few years. Seeing my beloved daughter deal yet again with fear, […]

Morning Train: Thoughts on Death

    We have teachers all around us if we are paying attention. Some of my greatest teachers have been the hospice patients and their families in the last decade […]

“Otherness”, Difference and Namaste

One has to only spend 5 minutes on Facebook to see this sense of “otherness” that is sadly part of the division, rage, disconnect and violence  that we see in […]