Taking it to the the next level! Bring it on!


It is approaching one year ago that my position in Integrative Medicine and Director of Planetree Services was eliminated at Windber Medical Center. It was a job that I loved. That I expanded and grew, developing programs, new policies, and much more. I was often frustrated but never bored. Working in the healing arts for well over 20 years now,  I have never applied for a job in the newspaper, other than part time work in college. In my adult professional life, have always created, developed and expanded work where I was able to show up and be of service. This has also been in collaboration with others that had a shared vision whether project based creative work with non profits, working in healthcare with Integrative Medicine or innovative community building endeavors. Although what I often am bringing to the collective table is outside the norm, I recognize and own that I am part of the whole. I prefer working in collaboration and community with others who have skills and gifts that I lack.  My strengths are making space for healthy self expression, creating spaces of healing where the potential is present to step into self awareness without judgement, to witness and explore the boundless love and compassion that we are all surrounded in all the time. Finding freedom from limiting beliefs and manifesting ideas into physical realities. Empowering people to discover this for themselves. I often see my role as holding a mirror up to reflect to people that they are indeed reflections of the Divine. Children of God. That they contain a light inside them. Whatever modality I use, yoga, Reiki, music, sound, movement, dance or meditation, this is the foundation. And joy and often absurdity are welcomed and encouraged.

I often question my own sanity. Always pushing the boundaries of moving beyond the way “things have been done.” This does not lend itself to financial security or the material pursuit of the American Dream to say the least! Thankfully, have met many people in this community who share a bigger vision. Who believe in doing things differently and effectively. Who believe in the power of collaborative community, joining talents, resources, skills and time into building evidenced based effective models of delivering services including holistic practices that honor and affirm the dignity of human beings.

I have been so blessed by the people in this community who have reached out in marvelous ways, allowing me to share and grow and develop innovative and creative healing spaces with them in ways I never thought possible. I am going to continue to remain in SW Pa. long as this is still happening but will travel and be portable as well. Please stay tuned as there will be big news soon! A wise friend recently shared with me, “If you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.”

Well, once again, I find myself on the familiar, exhilarating and still frightening edge. Taking it to the next level. Sinking my teeth into a new and exciting challenges. Stay tuned and please send prayers, love, energy and all that good stuff!

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