My Cup Overflows!


Relationships matter more than anything to me. Authentic real, honest and open. I am so blessed to find myself continually surrounded by amazing people that are willing to show up real. That don’t pretend to know everything or have their acts all together but are willing to explore, deepen and grow into this thing called life. This amazing, unfolding, ever uncertain journey we are all taking on our planet at this time.

There is a sense for me when I can invite the possibilities that come with uncertainty rather than be paralyzed in fear because of uncertainty, a sense of cosmic awareness and connection. A sense of being supported and held in boundless love and compassion. Of course, I have to still show up and work harder than I thought was possible. Of course I show up most often with toothpaste on my shirt. That’s okay. More than okay. I am here. I have vision, I have passion. I have confidence and I have humility because I know very little but What I do know, am willing to go deep and wide with it and create more space for growth even here. I also have deep, abiding, real, raw, joyful, bearing witness, authentic relationships with so many people that are willing to reflect back to me light and share joys, fears and challenges. My cup overflows. Goodness and mercy saturate me in color, texture and are accompanied by both peace and longing. I dwell in the abode of joy. All is well.

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