Fragmentation & The Path to Integration.

Word salad around recovery and healing from trauma

Fragmentation happens in our nervous systems when we experience trauma. Integration is the work of healing, tending with care and repairing harm.

I am in wonder and awe at the adaptation of our nervous systems and the sheer will to survive. There is nothing pathological about a nervous system that fragments in response to harm. There is something pathological about a world and the social constructs we participate in where violence and dominator culture are the defaults to conflict.

Violence can never repair harm.

Thanks to the growing body of work since the 1970’s on the physiological, emotional, and social impact of trauma and functional MRI imaging of the brain, we have an awareness of what happens in the brain.

What can repair harm?

Other than having a Functional MRI of your brain on a regular basis, how do you feel integration and repair in your body?

  • How do you experience integration and healing? Are there specific practices? Therapy?


  • How does the outer fragmentation of the United States (if that is where you live) or the larger world in conflict-Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan and more, impact your nervous system?


  • Who do you feel seen and heard by and can you feel this to the core of your being? What sensations arise and where in your body do you experience this?


  • What collective bodies do you feel safe/heard/seen? Is it your family? Spiritual community?


This is a topic I am passionately curious about and it is also my path. The path of integrating my own nervous system and co-creating spaces of collective integration and healing.

I would love to hear from you. You can respond to this post, or if you prefer your response to be more of a private conversation, PM or email





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