I Am Here for All of It.


I am here for all of it.

I am here for sunshine and blue skies. I am here for wind, hail, rain and even sleet.

I am here for when there is resolution. I am here for when there are words left unsaid.

I am here for birth. New life.

I am here for the transition of Death into new life.

I am here for the times I am seen, heard and validated and I am here for all the myriad of times I am not seen, heard or validated.

I am here.

Life does not have a personal vendetta against me when there are long lines, traffic, delayed flights, broken relationships, sickness, and loss.

I am not exceptional, special or chosen. I do not matter more than anyone else on this planet who is incarnated at this time.

I want to be here and not wishing I was somewhere else and that I was someone else.

There doesn’t need to be a reason I am here.

 I am here and all of the moments are gifts. The ones I cherish and the ones that cause pain.

I am here for all of it.

And I am here with you.

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