Love Wins



Love Wins. I am not talking romantic love here between two individuals.  I am talking Cosmic Love. Love that emanates from the heart center and manifests as this deep authentic wisdom that seeks to unite and engage rather than separate and isolate.

Our body is governed by rhythm. The rhythm of the day, the seasons, and our stages of life. The heart is the conductor of our rhythm and the specialized cells here have their own capacity to create an electric charge which in turn creates a vast electromagnetic field. This field of the heart is five thousand times stronger than the brain. This electromagnetic charge is carried in signals through the blood traveling to every cell in the body. The heart transmits and receives pulses of electromagnetic energy so it is itself, an organ of perception. How amazing is this?

We live and move and are relational in a world that is thought based and our western duality has such a separation between mind and body and we have definite value judgements and perceptions in regards to intellect over feelings. Emotions are not efficient and in our industrious culture where exhaustion is a desired social status, there is little room for feelings.

So, my small but hopefully meaningful acts of rebellion are to show up wholeheartedly with great love in my heart everywhere. To really engage with love in this way is to also create space for the acknowledgement of suffering and to  risk being open and whole hearted in the face of possible rejection and cynicism.

Love is the highest possible radiating frequency in this electromagnetic field we all have. We are all connected in a larger field. While the heart carries within our own bodies, the capacity to entrain other energetics including the brains, our respective person has the ability to do that in the larger field by showing up, grounded, authentic and whole hearted. When we show up whole hearted and authentic we don’t do so with the hopes of fixing what is broken, we do so with the desire to bear witness and reflect Wholeness.  This can often take place in the context of playing. Playing games with large pieces of spandex, hugging (with permission) strangers in the park. Dancing. Singing. Moving. Creating. All in community.These are practices of heart opening and creating connection in community. We take ourselves far too seriously! For what purpose?

Come into your heart center. I like to sit in meditation with my left hand on my heart and my right hand extended. Abaya Mudra. The mudra to release fear and receive blessing. Bring to mind someone or something you love with all your heart. It could be Jesus, it could be your child. Your cat, someone who is no longer in the physical plane of existence. Notice what is present here. Bring more people, spiritual teachers, animals into this space. Begin to notice how vast it is. You yourself, yes, you. You with your fears, your doubts and challenges and your to do lists. Notice how infinite your capacity for love is. Your bringing new people or animals here did not diminish what was already there. Notice the abundance here in your very own beating heart. You may feel tingling and movement on the hand touching the heart. This is your electromagnetic field. Here you are. Alive. Today. Your life is a gift. Your love is a gift.

How much love you are capable of? Imagine the love we are all held in! If you and I with all of our impatience, struggles, annoyances and things we are holding onto are capable of loving that much, how much more are we loved. So, here we are. Love Wins. Always.

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