Solar Eclipse. Spiritual Grit & Plot Twists

A map of the Mid Atlantic States shows the Moon eclipsing the Sun

Solar Eclipse. Spiritual Grit & Plot Twists

Monday, April 8th, 2024 is the total solar eclipse. Where I live in SW Pa is at 95% of being able to view the eclipse. Glasses in hand, I hope to be in a park by my house with a couple friends to welcome this auspicious experience in the New Moon.

Solar and Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth, Sun and Moon align at the Moon’s nodal axis.

According to We’Moon, 

“As the Sun darkens, lead by intuition to the places your heart awaits for renewal. Invite light to bring the spiritual grit we need and look for a plot twist to reclaim your game.”


Okay, this has me curious, a little nervous, but open to possibility. The spiritual grit part feels close by and familiar.

During our Saturday Sangha, all of us were eager to hear our resident Moon/Sun/Stars/Earth Intuitive to these energies, Ame reflect on the upcoming celestial event.

Ame shared a beautiful reflection that came from her pondering and connection to Holy Spirit. She invited us to consider that the Solar eclipse invites us to reflect on how we show up in relationship with others. She invited us to reflect on things we can’t control and to be intentional and mindful in these relational spaces. She reflected on this intersection of lament and celebration.

This all resonated with me. There are relationships in my life where I struggle to show up as the best version of myself. Relationships where I react from the need to be seen/heard and forget to bring intention and mindfulness and deep listening.

The intersection of lament and celebration seems to be where I live. My heart breaks for the unending violence and loss in the world and yet, I fall in love with the world everyday in numerous small ways that have to do with birds, trees, my grandchildren, sharing a cup of tea with a friend, long walks with my husband and singing.

So, ponder, journal, get your eclipse glasses!



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