Trust and Allow



The past few months this phrase is what has kept my feet fully planted on the earth, my heart open and my spirit in seeking mode. I love living in the questions and in the depths of exploration of trust, even in my self perceived free spirited existence,  I am finding resistance, attachment to certainty and of course, my familiar friend fear.

So this invites a deeper exploration into the murky waters of where I have been betrayed, not given choices and where I have done the same to myself and others.  Sound like fun yet?

Trust is the firm belief in the truth or strength of someone or something. Firm belief. Truth. Wow. Can I trust that Creator is benevolent? That the universe is not conspiring against me when the shit hits the fan? That I have gifts of value that can be of service where I am called to serve? If this is the case and I work with this all the time, then I must allow that call to show up in ways I could not conceive myself and take me in directions that are unknown in the uncharted waters Of EarthSchool.

I have often struggled with the word allow as I have with the word tolerance. There is a rigidity to this that implies a going along with something because you have to, not because you have this burning desire to permit this or do this action.  So, allow has shifted and taken on a spaciousness for me in the navigation of the murky waters.

When I can work both of these together way beyond the cliches and platitudes of our Hallmark culture, there is this solid foundation that is anchored in the space of being held in so much love it is constantly opening my heart. We are all held in boundless love and compassion. We are all being illuminated and blessed. Constantly. We are being blessed even and especially when it looks like the sky is falling. Every single one of us is held in Grace. This awareness and foundation is what trust is to me. This allows spaciousness for everything that life brings. We can leave behind our attachment to pleasure and aversion to pain and suffering. There is connection. There is Presence. There is Love.




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