Threshold Musings

. January 26th. Night descends around 5:30 pm. I sit at my desk wrapped in wool from head to toe. I wrap my hands around my large tea mug to […]


  A friend posted this a few days back and it captured perfectly my sense of myself and the current state of affairs in January 2022 two years fully into […]

Wholehearted Instructions for the New Year

Wholehearted Instructions for The New Year Wrap yourself in fierce tenderness. Perhaps a hand-knit shawl, a sweet song, a hug, a dog’s face sniffing and licking your tears, or the […]

The Medicine of Tenderness

  WHEN THE HOLY THAWS A woman’s body, like the earth, has seasons; when the mountain stream flows, when the holy thaws,when I am most fragile and in need, it […]

What I Am Learning These Days

What I am Learning These Days It is okay not to be okay. These are rough times. The uncertainty present moving forward in the seemingly never ending season of Covid, […]

My Autumn List for Wellbeing!

I enjoy lists. Not merely for tasks, but also to remind myself to prioritize relationships and wellness. Discovering Bullet Journaling in 2018 led me into a whole different realm of […]

Summer. What’s Next Ain’t Easy.

Summer   Summer. The Joys/dreams/memories and longings of summer. It seems the pace of life slows down, perhaps this allows us to savor both sunrise and sunset. At sunrise, the […]

Justice and Tenderness

  A question I ask myself often: How is it possible that we continue to navigate daily life with so much violence in our society? Is this a sign of […]

Small Acts of Kindness. Biomimicry and Compassion

Have you ever in your life, suffered in silence, screaming inwardly, the fractured pieces of your life crumbling, barely functioning, but out of fear, guilt and shame you internalized enormous […]