Jesus. Mystics. Yoga.

Holding space today and inviting deep wisdom and compassion into my heart. The enormity and spaciousness of life!!   The joy present in witnessing my son marrying the girl of […]

Simplicity. Hope. Gratitude.

My heart and soul are yearning in this present time for simplicity and deep, authentic community. Consumption, greed and the voices of hatred and oppression that seek to divide and […]

My Cup Overflows!

Relationships matter more than anything to me. Authentic real, honest and open. I am so blessed to find myself continually surrounded by amazing people that are willing to show up […]

When Fear Shows up On the Path.

I have been really struggling with anxiety and depression the last several months. So much self doubt showing up. Doubt in myself and the path that has chosen me. The […]

Whole hearted Living!

How do we show up wholehearted in a chaotic broken world. This troubled, grieving, fragile planet. Where angry voices shout and no one can be heard. Where senseless acts of […]

Taking it to the the next level! Bring it on!

It is approaching one year ago that my position in Integrative Medicine and Director of Planetree Services was eliminated at Windber Medical Center. It was a job that I loved. […]